Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting started with AMQP and RabbitMQ

Getting started with AMQP and RabbitMQ is a great article about AMQP with lots of good explanations. It uses RabbitMQ, Ruby and Erlang for the examples, so is not the version that we have ported to OpenVMS OpenAMQ (see the OpenAMQ on OpenVMS page too), but still worth a read and even a try as it does a good job of explaining where all the bits and pieces are and how they interact.

Regards, John

Sunday, February 15, 2009

AMQP and QPID - nice article by William Henry with more to come is a nice introduction to AMQP, with the promise of a sample to follow - watch this space!
William points out a rather good introduction (will we ever have too many, probably) to the AMQP concepts which can be found here

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From Linux to Bangalore and back via OpenVMS

You really should go and read the following blog entry:

Any one of the machines in between could have been Windows, OpenVMS, Linux or HP-UX.

For fun we've (Pieter H. and friends) opened a live Zyre server, which accepts unauthenticated connections (we'll probably lock it down at a later stage).

This means it's possible to try RestMS apps without installing anything except perhaps some Perl modules, if you want to use the Perl RestMS class[1].

I've written a blog entry[2] that shows how to write a trivial micro- blogging service in Perl using this class. To save you the click, here is what the publisher looks like:

use RestMS ();
my $domain = RestMS::Domain->new (hostname => ""); my $feed = $domain->feed (name => "ublog", type => "fanout"); my $message = RestMS::Message->new; $message->content (shift); $message->headers (name => "Jeep Nine Thirst"); $feed->send ($message);

This is a nice example of how RestMS maps to a clean class structure.




Friday, January 9, 2009

Development of AMQP1.0 DRAFT

AMQP 1.0 is on the way. See here for initial materials which are being prepared by the members of the AMQP1.0 SIG for distribution.

Cheers, John