Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From Linux to Bangalore and back via OpenVMS

You really should go and read the following blog entry:

Any one of the machines in between could have been Windows, OpenVMS, Linux or HP-UX.

For fun we've (Pieter H. and friends) opened a live Zyre server, which accepts unauthenticated connections (we'll probably lock it down at a later stage).

This means it's possible to try RestMS apps without installing anything except perhaps some Perl modules, if you want to use the Perl RestMS class[1].

I've written a blog entry[2] that shows how to write a trivial micro- blogging service in Perl using this class. To save you the click, here is what the publisher looks like:

use RestMS ();
my $domain = RestMS::Domain->new (hostname => ""); my $feed = $domain->feed (name => "ublog", type => "fanout"); my $message = RestMS::Message->new; $message->content (shift); $message->headers (name => "Jeep Nine Thirst"); $feed->send ($message);

This is a nice example of how RestMS maps to a clean class structure.




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