Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OpenAMQ on OpenVMS

The place to come for announcements, questions, reporting bugs, telling us what you are doing with the OpenAMQ implementation of the AMQP specification on OpenVMS, and so forth.
We chose OpenAMQ due to its relatively long history, the fact that it has been used in production for quite some time and the help and advice we are receiving from iMatix, the implementers of OpenAMQ.

It is important to note that this initial port is not intended for use in production. Rather, it is for you to get a feel for the product on OpenVMS and let us know what you find, be it bugs, suggestions or whatever - software development kit, if you will.

Further, no work has been done so far on tuning and performance testing of OpenAMQ on OpenVMS. In fact, the current port on OpenVMS is single-threaded. We are working on removing this restriction and will post progress in this blog as we make it.

Enough said. Time for everyone to download the kit and start working!

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Thomas said...


I just downloaded the AMQP kit for OpenVMS (both for Alpha and I64). Hopefully I or someone else in my neighbourhood get time to look into this the coming weeks.

Thomas/SEB Stockholm