Monday, December 1, 2008

OpenAMQ on OpenVMS Released (Integrity and Alpha)

BC&JA are reasonably happy to announce the availability of OpenAMQ on OpenVMS for the Integrity and Alpha platforms.

The OpenVMS versions required are V8.3 or higher. is the installation guide and release notes for both platforms.

The Alpha kit is here and the Integrity kit is here

Please do let us know when you download the kit by posting a comment to this entry.

Suggestions, bug reports and other good information may also be posted here in the blog.

Cheers, BC&JA
PS: it is worth pointing out that BC did all the work and JA just did the announcements!


psk said...

It's the first time I here about this project and I'm really excited to take a closer look to the port you've made.

Peter, VIT Gothenburg

Martin Vorlaender said...

Hi there,

just downloaded the Integrity kit, built the samples and toyed around a bit with the date and time servers.

One thing I tripped over was that with my (unprivileged) working account and the normal protections of Apache2's APR shareable, the client (and the servers as well) would err out with an insufficient privilege or object protection violation.

That aside, it looks like a good and useful piece of software. Thanks a lot!

Martin, PDV-Systeme

John Apps said...

Thank you for spotting the privilege problem. We will look into what is the best way of avoiding it and amend the documentation accordingly.

Cheers, John

Peter Hofman said...

Is it possible to get the sources for the OpenVMS version, in order to try back port it to OpenVMS 7.3-2?